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Create An App Without Coding

What Do You Need To Make Apps Yourself?

I regularly get the question whether it is difficult to create an app without coding. How to approach such a thing and where to start?

Making an app is not difficult; it costs a lot of time and perseverance. There are a lot of different possibilities to make an app. But the most important thing for creating an app is the idea. You cannot do anything without a nice idea for an app. You have to pick who is the app meant, what the app should be able to do and what it should look like.

What Do You Need To Create An App Without Coding?

So you need an idea and a target group first. With us, these are children. That makes the design very important. A boring business design does not work in our case. So we need drawings or photographs or a combination of the two. These have to be made and prepared for use in an app. This often involves most of the work for me. Many drawings and also animates. The design is very important to me because people must be able to recognize unique style immediately by the character style. The design controls the character of your app. Is this cheerful or serious?

Android App Maker​

It is often difficult to have this done by third parties because your own feeling that you have with the app is often difficult to convey. Do you want someone else to do it? Then make sure that the style of the designer fits you well. Do you want to do it yourself? Then good software is very useful.

Many people use Adobe software, including Illustrator for the drawings and After Effects for the animations. Photoshop and Premiere Pro are also very useful for photo editing and video editing.

Create Your Own App

If you know what the app looks like, the app should also be able to do something. An engine must be made. This was often the biggest obstacle. Fortunately, that is no longer necessary. This is something that you can hire very well for. How the app does its thing most people do not see, and they find it even less interesting to know. They press a button, and something happens. Nobody knows how it happens. It is also the designer who becomes the honor and not the bricklayer or the carpenter. That is the big difference with the past. Then the programmer was the most important, now no longer. Through the internet, you can get good programmers across the border that also does not have to cost too much. Communication can be difficult. Do you prefer to build it yourself? That is also possible nowadays without any knowledge. The type of the mobile app you want to create is then limited to the possibilities of the software you use. In this way, Adobe also has a whole range of possibilities for creating Apps without programming knowledge.

How Do You Learn To Program Your Own App?

If you really want to learn how to program, you can do what I have done. Drop the books. I chose to learn the Objective-C programming language. This language is used by Apple to make iPhone and iPad apps. The language is not easy to learn. But fortunately, there were a lot of books on sale. There were also a lot of useful videos on YouTube. If you use Objective-C, the only limitation is Apple's limitation itself. Some things are not allowed by Apple, but everything else can be done with it. It is also the most difficult option right away. Other programming options are intermediate forms. You then program in a "language" that is easier.

If you want to create apps, there is only one obstacle. You do need a Mac to be able to create an app without coding. The Mac Mini is already sufficient to test. No Mac is needed for development for Android. The programming is done in the Java language.

Apple And Google Play Membership

To make apps for the App store of Apple you have to become a member of the Apple developer program. Becoming a member costs nothing. When you become a member, you can immediately download all the necessary programs that you need. You then have X-Code to program in, and this happens as I already wrote in Objective C. It is good to know that if you use Gamesalad, for example, you still need to join the developer program. If you want to place your App in the App store, you must become a paid member. This costs 80 dollars per year. You then send your app to Apple, and they view the app and hopefully approve the app. This usually takes a week. Ordinary Apps can only be accessed via the App store, for jailbreak information you can search around the internet.

This is less for Android. If you want to submit your apps on Google Play, you have to pay 25$ membership. But unlike Apple, Android apps can also be offered through other stores without a device having to be adapted. The costs are different per store. Among others, Amazon has its own store.

Tips To Create An App Without Coding

On your own, without help, it is very difficult to enter the app world as a beginner. So make sure you look around in your own environment or people can help you. Join media where you can ask questions. But the most important thing for developing apps is simply to start.

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