Sage BOB 50 And MAS 200 For The Belgium Market

The manufacturing module is an add-on to the core program of Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200. Being a highly customization accounting system, the manufacturing module is sold separately and serves as an add-on because not all buyers of sage bob 50 and MAS 200 would be necessitating the module. Hence, the end price of acquiring the solution changes.

Being an ERP system, both carry an all-inclusive manufacturing module which incorporates the three most critical features in the manufacturing activity, the Material Requirements Planning (MRP), Work Order Processing coupled with Bill of Materials. Supplementary beneficial modules in the manufacturing module are Inventory Management, Purchase Order plus Sales Order. These functions are tested and confirmed in helping manufacturing firms simplify their approaches.

SAGE BOB 50 - The Three Key Modules Of A Manufacturing System:

1. Material Requirements Planning or MRP – the materials requirement planning is a very time-intensive undertaking in the entire manufacturing process. To raise efficiency and avert issues, you should know the specific components you will need prepare purchases and determine when you’ll be out of stocks. You don’t like to stop your jobs attributable to material shortage.

2. Work Order or WO – this enables you to look at and keep an eye on updates in actual time, send work orders, make work schedules, and watch for costs related to the manufacturing task and a lot more. Use Work Order along with Bill of Materials to immediately combine the material essential to create a product from the appropriate bill.

3. Bill of Materials or BOM – in manufacturing, you will need a specific listing of components to finalize a certain product. This is made up of raw materials, intermediate assemblies, sub-assemblies, sub-components, components, and different components. You could review missing costs, study variances, and verify shortages and even more.​

​There are additional sub-modules in the entire manufacturing module together with purchase order, sales order and inventory management. The manufacturing module makes Sage bob 50 and MAS 200 an extensive manufacturing application integrated with your accounting and ERP software.

​Power up your existing manufacturing process with manufacturing application that drives output gives thorough accurate monitoring and reporting at each stage. Generate multi-level bills and produce reliable, informative reports outlining bill structures. Complete finished items and designed component items to other modules in your business management application for smooth integration with your distribution system.

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