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Essential Oils can Relieve Disease (Part 1)

Most prevalent in my world are the Soldiers and Airmen that are getting complacent and losing focus here and beginning to get into more trouble.  Typically on any deployment we see a spike in military justice actions early on at about the 3 month mark and then at the end when we have about 60 days left in theatre.

As we begin to approach that mark, we have seen our workload steadily increase.  Most of the Soldier issues stem from losing military bearing and disrespecting officers and non-commissioned officers, failing to show up on time for work, and fighting with other Soldiers.

The extreme heat and poor living conditions are also contributing to this.  Most of our Soldiers are still residing in large tents with 30-40 of their “closest” friends and the temperatures have been exceeding 110-115 degrees every day.  There’s a bit of a break in the heat at night, when we will see a drop to about 85-90.  However, the hottest days are yet to come.  We are expecting the temps to top 130 in the next month.  It will be miserable to say the least.

The Health Benefits of Portukala

It’s especially important that this generation, and future generations, understand that Memorial Day is not just about the barbecue, and that they appreciate the significance of the day.

Many will visit graves and cemeteries, and attend memorial ceremonies today all across the country. But most will not.
My young cousin Paul Cope is in Afghanistan right now. He periodically sends out a little newsletter to friends and family about what’s going on. He has given me permission to share his latest post with you today.  I hope this finds you all in good health and great spirits.

As the subject line indicates, we have now surpassed the century mark, meaning we now have less than 100 days left in country.  We have started receiving information about the unit that will be replacing us, meeting with their representatives, and started making plans to demobilize and go home!  With that comes a new set of challenges and opportunities.

Improving The Health of Your Body

When you smoke, think that you’re burning your health and your money are you looking for with difficulty.

Think that smoking is a useless and waste your time.

Try to avoid as far as possible the person was smoking so the smell does not interest you to smoke.Eating a proper diet can help improve the health of pregnant women and fetuses. Active sports (gymnastics pregnancy, morning walk or evening) during pregnancy will help a pregnant woman feel more easily through periods of 9 months of pregnancy and will help smooth the process of childbirth. Examples of some very good foods consumed during pregnancy.

U-Pick Day at Turkey Creek Lavender

Just a few of the varieties of lavender we have here at the farm. As always, you can find me at the Lawton Farmer’s Market on Saturdays. Right now we have an abundance of fresh lavender bundles for $5 per bundle, ranging in color from dark purple to light lavender.

Our handmade soap and lavender products are also available at Lulabelle’s in Medicine Park, Oklahoma. We’ll have an abundance of dried lavender bundles this year. Adds a nice touch to your shop or business, great for crafting and creating! Always $5, fresh or dried, grown naturally, right here in Oklahoma!

Typhoid Fever Disease

That sounds bad, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, it’s the truth. People all across the country plan their weekend at the lake or the beach, boating, camping, swimming, relaxing, shopping, sleeping, enjoying a day off. And there’s nothing wrong with that, but Memorial Day is more than just the unofficial kick-off of the summer season.